Benefits of Surgery as Treatment Of Hyperhidrosis

Hyperhidrosis is a medical condition that makes your body sweat excessively. Sweating is important as it is the mechanism by which the body cools. Sweating stops the body from overheating. However, people with hyperhidrosis sweat even when the body does not need cooling.

A person sweats from one or more area of the body. The sweat comes from head, underarms, Palms, and
feet. This happens even as the rest of the body is dry with some areas with a drip of sweat. Excessive sweating interferes with your normal activities. The hand may be too sweaty that it inhibits you from turning the doorknob or using your computer. Sweat from your underarms can soak your clothes and cause sweat marks. When the skin is wet, it is susceptible to skin infections.

Surgical treatment of hyperhidrosis

People with hyperhidrosis face professional and personal limitations resulting in discomfort and embarrassment. Hyperhidrosis sufferers undergo various daily challenges. Thankfully, there are great strides in the medical industry regarding improvements in hyperhidrosis treatment. Medical experts have done several types of research and acknowledge that hyperhidrosis can be treated using the surgical method.


The surgery is one of the treatment options. After considering all other hyperhidrosis treatment options, the surgical treatment is still one of the best options to consider for treating excessive sweating. There are different forms of surgery to consider that treat hyperhidrosis. The most invasive form is ETS or endoscopic thoracic sympathectomy. It is the last resort in the treatment of excessive sweating and should only be consider after trying other methods such as botox, treatment with an iontophoresis machine or Miradry.

During ETS surgery, surgeons attempt to interrupt transmission of nerve signals from your spinal column to the sweat glands. It also prevents your nerve glands from switching on the sweat glands. The surgical procedure takes place when the patient is under anesthesia. It involves inserting a miniature camera into the
chest or armpit.

The lung temporarily collapses to enable the surgeons to cut the nerve paths that stimulate the overactive sweat glands. The procedure is permanent and irreversible. When the surgery is complete, the body resumes normal sweating that cools the body and prevents overheating.

Benefits of hyperhidrosis surgery

  1. The surgery reduces or eliminates sweating in the target areas. It is an effective way of treating excessive sweating. The surgery can be performed on both sides of your body at the same time.
  2.  It has a quicker recovery and less scarring.
  3. It is highly effective in eliminating excessive sweating by 98 percent.
  4. Low risks of complications

Drawback of surgery

The procedure is irreversible. Patient experience a small degree of compensatory sweating. This occurs in other parts of the body.


One the best treatment options for hyperhidrosis is surgery. It offers long-term results. The surgery interrupts the sympathetic chain. The nerves affect blood flow to functions of the sweat glands and the skin. Interrupting the sympathetic nerves in your chest causes dilation of your arteries and veins in both the hand and arm. The procedure results in complete blockage of sweating. Other methods in use include herbal remedies. However, herbal remedies have temporary effect with no long-term benefits.

Is The Tummy Tuck Procedure Available for Everyone?

A tummy tuck is a common name used to refer to a plastic surgery procedure named abdominoplasty. The purpose of this type of plastic surgery is to remove fat, smooth any wrinkles and tighten the skin over the abdominal region. For many years celebrities, models, actors and the wealthy have had access to tummy tucks and other such procedures. In more recent times, plastic surgery, in general, has become more commonly accessible to people in all walks of life. Since 2000, the tummy tuck has steadily gained popularity in the United States and other developed nations.

With easier access more exposure to this popular surgical procedure, you may be wondering if you are a good candidate for a tummy tuck. Well, the answer lies in many different factors. Not everyone is considered eligible for the tummy tuck procedure. The best thing to do is talk to a plastic surgery professional that specialized in this type of procedure. Below is a guideline of who may or may not be a good candidate for a tummy tuck. Reading this article will help you determine if it’s time to meet with a doctor or not.

A Tummy Tuck May Be For You If:

Do you consider yourself physically fit in general? If the main exception is loose skin or fat in your abdominal region, and if the problem area has not improved even with regular exercise, a tummy tuck may be for you. Generally, the inability to tighten the abdominal muscles is a result of slackness of the muscles underneath. Below is an overview of cases in which individuals might make good tummy tuck candidates.

Pregnancy — The most common cause of this physical condition is pregnancy. For women who have had one or more pregnancies, it is practically impossible to return their tummy area to a flat appearance. These women s abdominal muscles and the skin that covers them have been stretched beyond their original elasticity and can thus not return to their original state.

Weight Loss — Another cause of the loose skin and lax muscles in this region is massive weight loss. High volume weight loss can cause a person to have excess skin in the abdominal area, which can then be corrected by a tummy tuck.

Aging Process — A third best candidate for the tummy tuck procedure are persons that have slack skin and lax muscles in the abdominal region due to the normal aging process. Older patients with this problem are excellent candidates for tummy tucks.
A Good Candidate, Mentally

Based on what you just read, you may be convinced that you are indeed eligible for the tummy tuck procedure. However, you must ensure that you are mentally and emotionally prepared to realistically deal with everything involved. Your expectations must not only match the reality of what you’ll be provided with, but you must also make sure that they (and you) are flexible. While this form of cosmetic surgery is designed to improve the tone and contour of your midsection, it will in no way bring back your youth or create the perfect body. In many cases, a tummy tuck procedure will enhance one’s self-confidence and image. You should in no way, however, depend solely on a plastic surgery procedure to validate you as a person or give you self-worth.

Not Good Candidates

If you are pregnant or considering becoming pregnant, it is generally advised that you postpone considering a tummy tuck until your childbearing years are over. Other medical conditions or issues may be considered by your doctor to render you ineligible for tummy tuck surgery.

Mini Plastic Surgery Procedures

We all want to look and feel our best, yet we don’t always have the money or time to do so, especially in this down economy. Luckily, there are still ways you can still look young, fresh, and fit, such as with mini plastic surgery procedures.


A mini plastic surgery procedure is just as it sounds—a minimized and more pinpointed version of a full plastic surgery procedure. For example, a mini tummy tuck is much like a full tummy tuck in that excess skin and fat are removed from the abdomen. However, in a mini tummy tuck procedure, no abdominal tightening is required and the muscles do not need to be stitched together. This means that a smaller incision is required (which means less scarring) and that the downtime after the procedure is much shorter.

However, mini procedures are not for everyone. For example, in the case of a mini tummy tuck, the patient needs to have relatively tight skin and only a moderate amount of fat and skin that needs to be removed. A good candidate would be someone who does eat healthily and exercise but just can’t seem to get rid of that tummy pooch. Or, perhaps, a mother who has been trying to lose her ‘mummy tummy’ but is finding that sit-ups and a strict diet just aren’t giving her the flat abs she desires.

Someone who wouldn’t fit for this mini procedure would be someone with very loose skin (for instance, someone who recently lost a dramatic amount of weight in a short period of time, such as through gastric bypass surgery) and with a lot of fat which needs to be removed. In this case, a full tummy tuck would be needed in order to give the patient the results they desire.


The Mini Neck Lift

People who have a “turkey neck” (which occurs when the skin on the neck and chin becomes loose due to aging) might want to consider a mini neck lift. A middle-aged patient with this problem is a good candidate for a mini neck lift, as they do not need as much of a lift as someone who is more advanced in years.

The Mini Lipo Procedure

People who want to fine tune a few problem areas on their body, but not need a dramatic amount of skin and fat removed, might consider a mini lipo procedure. With mini lipo, the instruments used are smaller and more focused, which means that the surgeon has more control, and is thus better able to contour the body for a more natural and pleasing result.

The Mini Arm Lift

People who have lost weight often struggle with excess skin on the upper arms, and a mini arm lift might be a good option for these people. The mini arm lift is a minor revision of the upper arms, in which excess skin and fat are removed to create a more toned and firm appearance. One of the benefits of a mini arm lift is that the scar can be hidden quite well inside the patient’s armpit, whereas a full arm lift leaves an unavoidable scar along the inside of the upper arm.

Remember, if you are considering plastic surgery, speak to a licensed plastic surgeon about what procedure is right for you. You might be a great candidate for a mini-procedure, with a smaller cost, less downtime, but with the same beautiful results!

Are You Planning on Having Liposuction Done?

Liposuction often gets a bad wrap, some people think that the only people who are getting liposuction are stuck up rich people with vanity issues, but there has to be some valid reasons that liposuction is, by far, the most popular form of plastic surgery.

The sheer quantity of liposuction patients in recent years is astounding; in fact, the numbers are in excess of a quarter of a million people a year who undergo the procedure. The reasons that the number of liposuction procedures has become so great in recent years is that there are a number of benefits to having it done, aside from the usual stigma of vanity.

Breast Reduction

This is one of the most often overlooked reasons for having liposuction, and this reason can have tremendous health benefits for the patient. Women who have unusually large breasts can regularly suffer from upper and lower back pain, neck pain and sometimes severe headaches. Liposuction can effectively reduce the size of the breast in a minimally invasive procedure and virtually eliminate all of these problems, thereby improving the overall well being of the patient.

Improved Appearance and Increased Confidence

People from all walks of life struggle with their appearance and body image issues every day. This isn t a scenario that s limited to pseudo celebrities who are too lazy to go on a diet or to put time in at a gym. There are people who work hard every single day to try and achieve their desired results without ever being able to get to where they want.

Liposuction should never be considered just another way to lose weight, but for those who have exhausted all other methods of getting the results that they can be happy with those who have been on diets prescribed by nutritionists and have spent the time sweating and exercising in the gym, but still can t get the desired shape to their bodies, liposuction is a very viable option to obtain those results.

There is a misconception among the general public that the morbidly obese can just waltz into a clinic and have every ounce of fat sucked out of them, that they can suddenly be fit and trim without having to put in any work or effort at all. This really couldn t be further from the truth, the process of liposuction can only really remove small amount of fat from a person at a time, usually less than ten pounds in a session; so liposuction can t really be considered as an end all weight loss option for someone who is severely overweight, but it is a very good choice for someone who s worked their way down to the last few stubborn pounds that just won t come off with regular exercise and a sensible diet plan.

What to Expect

The procedure of liposuction will begin with either a local or general anesthesia before the surgeon makes several tiny incisions in the area of the body from which the fat will be removed. The incisions are so small (often smaller than a quarter of an inch) that some surgeons don t feel the need to stitch them, which helps keep the bruising down after the procedure is complete.

A very thin vacuum is inserted into the tiny incisions and rapidly pulled back and forth (in an in and out motion) to break up the fat cells and allow for their removal. A reasonable amount of blood and fluid is removed with the fat, so patients are normally hooked up to a simple IV for the duration of the procedure.

During the initial stages of recovery the patient will experience some pain and swelling, and will most likely be wearing a compression garment to aid in drainage, but usually within a week or so recovery is to a point where the patient can move freely and normally.

If you are planning on having liposuction done for health or appearance reasons, don t let yourself be swayed by naysayers. Do the appropriate research and consult a specialist in your area for an interview to find out if liposuction is the best option to remedy your health issues.